Dolce | Dessert & Pastry

Dessert is one of life's greates affordable luxuries. A party without cake lacks a finale to the evening, a picnic is more joyful with a platter of cookies, and pancakes seem like a reasonable breakfast choice on Sunday morning, not because we convince ourselves that the fruit topping makes them healthy, but because the weekend is almost over, and we need to make the most of those waning moments of freedom before the practicalities of the work week creep into our minds and onto our plates.

Our desserts ebb and flow between American, inspired by Italian ingredients, and Italian, inspired by New American flavors. All our non-perishable desserts are available for home delivery. Our cakes are available only for market pick-up. We also offer a rotating assortment of specials which are available at both farmer's market locations on a first come, first serve basis. Watch our Instagram account to stay informed of market specials.