• The wonder of bread lies in its simplicity. Water, flour, salt and yeast are the only ingredients necessary to craft a crisp and chewy loaf of artisan bread. An experienced baker knows how to apply patience, technique and heat to transform those four simple ingredients into the loaves that have sustained human existence since the stone age.

  • It is our belief that gluten free bread should be based on similar principles. So often in stores today, the loaves are either gummy or dry and crumbly. Not only is the texture undesirable, and the ingredient list a mile long, but most often, at the top of that list, is refined white starch. A component so nearly stripped of all of its nutritional content that you may as well eat sugar.

  • That is why we, at Via Piante, have developed gluten free breads built around grains. The result is a nutrient dense loaf of bread that leaves you satisfied, not bloated. Our breads also boast a soft interior crumb that is neither gummy nor crumbly, along with a crisp exterior crust, and that distinctive chew that is typically found only in wheat breads.

  • Our Chef & Founder

    A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, Tanya Ponder moved to NYC in 2013 where she has since worked for notable restaurants and chefs such as Daniel, Marea and Jean-Georges. Her passion for the science of baking has lead her to explore new boundaries in the world of gluten free baking.