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Via Piante

Pancarré Bianco, Gluten Free White Sandwich Loaf

Pancarré Bianco, Gluten Free White Sandwich Loaf

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60% Whole Grain blend of brown rice, millet, amaranth and white rice flours. This
loaf is bright, white, and fluffy. It’s our most versatile loaf available, readily lending
itself to French toast or grilled cheese while still packing the nutrients of whole

Brown rice flour is known to help reduce the risk of both heart disease and strokes, while low glycemic millet provides extra protein, antioxidants, and niacin all of which support healthy skin, organ function and your immune system.

8” White Pullman Loaf

Ingredients*: water, gluten free grain blend (brown rice flour, white rice flour, millet flour), potato starch, organic psyllium powder, tapioca starch, organic apple cider vinegar, yeast, kosher salt, and less than 2% of organic inulin

*All ingredients are Non-GMO, except where organic or fair-trade is stated.

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