A New Kind of Gluten Free Bread

Whole grain flours, high hydration, long fermentation...these are the components that make good bread. After more than a year of extensive research and tireless trial and error, we have created a superior bread without gluten. Our loaves are made with nutrient dense, non-gmo ingredients, no preservatives and with less than 5% of the refined starches that typically top the ingredient lists of most gluten free breads in stores today.


    Brown rice, sorghum and buckwheat combine to make a robust, whole grain loaf inspired by the classic Italian bread of the same name. It pairs particularly well with cured meats, aged cheese and burgers, vegan or dry aged.


    This world-reknowned favorite has a neutral flavor profile thanks to a combination of whole grain oat and white rice flours. It will not compete with the flavor of more delicate ingredients such as seafood, fresh cheese and raw or roasted veggies.


    Spacatini originates from Italian speaking Lugano, Switzerland. Our version incorporates millet flour, balanced with both white and brown rice, which gives these little rolls a mildly nutty aroma. Perfect for gluten free sliders or a side roll.